Changelog / New version (3.08)

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Changelog / New version (3.08)

Postby Administrator » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:13 am

The latest version for LAIO is 3.08

For Windows 8 Users : If you are using windows 8 and LAIO crashes right after lauching, it's very likely that you do not have .NET Framework 4.0 installed. You must install .NET Framework 4.0 to rectify this issue. You can download .NET Framework 4.0 from ... x?id=17851.

For VPS Users : Read ... ments.aspx for guide on how to install .NET Framework 4.0.

If LAIO crashes instantly after you added a new email.. : Please download the Visual C++ Redistributable from ... px?id=5555.

If nothing happens after you click on Updater.exe.. : Please download the .NET Framework 4 update from ... px?id=3556.

If LAIO behaves abnormally.. : Make sure you have extracted it using WinRAR instead of WinZIP or other zipping software.

Download Links
LAIO v3.08 (Stable)(MediaFire Mirror)
LAIO v2.53 (Stable)
LAIO v1.062 (Stable)

Please visit this thread regularly to check for latest version.

Current Changelog (Last Updated 25-8-2014)
-Added Wordpress commenting and trackback posting ability to GuestBook poster
-Added new sites and removed inactive sites from various platforms
-Added captcha solving service

-Improved submission success rates and memory usage
-Max content size limit is now increased to 50 MB

Guestbook Poster
-Disabled duplicate domain checking (for blog commenting on different pages)
-Now supports multiple website backlinking
-Fixed issue with having duplicate URL submission list after stopping and starting submission
-Added warning for users having content size limit below 5 MB (as this will affect success rates)
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Re: Changelog / New version (2.5)

Postby Administrator » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:50 am

Old Changelogs
Highlights (19-5-2014)
-Improved overall stability
-Added hundreds of active sites (also removed inactive sites)
-Added Index Emperor link indexing service support
-Added GuestBook Submitter
--GuestBook Submitter supports the following platforms currently:
---Advanced GuestBook
---Easy GuestBook
---Easybook Reloaded
----Sample list can be downloaded from here

Email Verification
-Fixed issue with downloading mails / performing email verification with Mailnesia

-Minor changes on overall appearance

-Increased download limit to 10 MB (was 3 MB)

Proxy Testing
-Changed default proxy test URL to mobile bing (this fixes issues with some proxy providers)

-Fixed issue with tweet scraper returning no results

-It is now possible to execute LAIO directly by double clicking on Licorne AIO.exe
-Added the ability to select all entries in Rank Tracker

v3.06 (19-3-2014)
-Added Turbo Wizard (Diagram Wizard -> Setup Turbo Wizard)
--Note that you'll still have to double click on each task individually to select sites / account after running turbo wizard.
-Added two diagram wizard sample templates (located in templates folder)
--Open Diagram Wizard and click Open to load the template
-Improved overall stability
-Added SEO Content Machine Integration
-Added hundreds of active sites

Article Import
-Fixed import issue for certain article files

-Added sound notification after task completes (Settings -> Notifications)

-Added "Preview Bookmark" button in bookmarking task wizard

Link Analyzer
-Fixed issue with having duplicate ID for processed sites log
-Added the ability to filter sites to analyze based on platform
-Added the ability to detect registration form and captcha availability
--You can teach LAIO to detect registration form by going to Manage Platform -> Add Footprints -> Add Registration Page footprint
-Added the ability to import site lists from folder

-Added submission timeout support (Settings -> General -> Submission Timeout)
-Fixed issue with submitting "empty" content when UTF-8 based charset is used
-Fixed submission issue for Wordpress platform version 3.8.1
-Fixed issue with live link being incorrectly reported for Pligg platforms

Rank Tracker
-Fixed issue with rank tracker not saving entry with keywords having double quotes (exact match keywords)

-Added IMAP protocol support for emails

-Added the ability to select accounts and sites in sites control
--If the user has selected only sites (without account), LAIO will automatically register an account for that site.
--If the user has selected only accounts, LAIO will submit using the account.
-Added the ability to import / export accounts (Advanced -> Manage Accounts)
--If you are trying to import accounts from external sources, the data has to be in domain,,username,password format.
-Database sites list update

Site Manager
-Fixed issue with PR checker returning -1 results for long url
-Fixed issue with PR checker dropping proxies

-LAIO now supports posting UTF-8 content
-Fixed issue with PHPMotion platform showing "Uploading Video" instead of "Submitting Article" for web2.0 submission.
-Added the ability to skip submission when its content is larger than n kb (Settings -> General -> Submission Limit)
-Added the ability to specify default field value (Settings -> General -> Fields)
-Raised maximum retry failed count from 10 to 15.
-Fixed issue with bookmark submission not reporting successful submission

-Sites related
-Added the ability to delete sites associated with failed logs (Logging -> Failed -> Select All Failed -> Delete Selected Sites)

Proxy related
-Fixed issue with proxy checker reporting working proxies as non-working
-Added the ability to customize rule for proxy alive test (Settings -> Anonymity -> Proxy Alive Test)

Output URL related
-Added the ability to retrieve only live links with found anchors
--Right click on task -> Retrieve Live Links In TXT (With Only Found Anchors)
-Added the ability to select multiple output URL list

Search Engine Scraper
-Added the ability to specify pause interval between search requests

-Added the ability to customize Metro base color (Settings -> Appearance)

-Fixed issue with software crashing when user attempts to diversify empty text

-Added the ability to automatically create accounts for submission tasks
-Added the ability to save task drafts (Click on the cancel button in the wizard to save)
-Added two platforms: PHPNuke (Web Profile), ArticleSript (Article Submission)
-Improved script engine for the following platforms:
--PHPMotion (Registration)
--Buddypress (Registration / Submission)
--Wordpress (Registration / Submission)
--Elgg (Submission)
-Added hundreds of web2.0, article, profile sites

Antispam / Captcha Solving
-Fixed issue with not being able to retrieve Recaptcha images
-Added the ability to store and manage previously answered questions
-Antispam solving now comes with 'Help me Google this' and 'View webpage' feature
-Added the ability to solve captcha later

-Main panel now displays number of active proxies

Link Analyzer
-Now skips link with content larger than 300 kb
-Now analyzes with decreased memory usage and increased speed

Site Manager
-Added the ability to select highlighted sites
-Added the ability to select sites by list

Sites control
-Fixed issue with wrong sites being selected when user selects sites based on list name

Contextual Linking
-It's now possible to specify '0' as the minimum replacement count

-Fixed issue with article submission wizard permitting users to add task even if no article is added
-Fixed issue with schedule information not saved for bookmark submission wizard

-Fixed issue with anchor not displayed properly for MoinMoin platform

-Added dropshadow for the main window
-Reordered buttons in sites control for better viewing
-Fixed issue with ping status not visible for Metro theme

-Scraper now supports ip:port:username:password
-Updated existing footprints
-Added footprints for PHPNuke and WP Article

Rank Tracker
-Fixed issue with entries not being saved if website or keyword contains '/'

Tiered Wizard
-Fixed issue with tiered wizard crashing in certain situation
-Fixed issue with task disappearing after exiting from tiered task wizard

-Added/Fixed the following web 2.0s: PR9 PR6 PR8 PR6 PR5 PR4 PR4 PR3 PR5 PR7 PR4

-Added #GENERIC# macro to articles.
--To use it simply insert #GENERIC# anywhere in your article. LAIO will replace every occurrences of #GENERIC# with generic keyword found in /content/generic keywords.txt.

-Added LinkPipeline pinging service
-Added account manager
-Added 200 web 2.0 properties
-Added two new themes : Visual Studio 2012 Light and Dark
-Changed default theme to Visual Studio 2012 Light

Site Management
-Added the ability to sort by OBL, PR and ID for sites control and site manager
-PR checking module in site manager now supports ip:port:user:pass

-Added the ability to submit blog posts for PHPMotion
-Fixed issue with anchors not being displayed for majority of the platforms in web 2.0 properties
-Increased overall success rates

Proxy related
-Proxy tester now checks for proxies response time
-Added the ability to select proxies based on response time
-Added the ability to enable / disable proxies in bulk

Email related
-Added the ability to load default settings for live and gmail email account

Rank Tracker
-Added the ability to check Alexa ranking in rank tracker

Google Suggest Scraper
-Fixed issue with google suggest scraper not scraping results

-Captcha Sniper now supports custom port

-improved loading speed for various user interface elements.

-Reintroduced windows XP support
--Windows XP users please download .NET Framework 4.0 AND also this update ... px?id=3556
--.NET Framework requirement has been changed from 4.5 to 4.0
-Fixed issue with updater keeps prompting for update for users using foreign locale

Submission Method
-Total and daily successful submission count is now editable in textbox

Sites related
-Site Manager PR checker now supports proxy (only in ip:port format)
-Added the ability to select sites by list name

-Fixed issue with scrape limit not updated when user changes specifies a scrape limit then set back to "No Limit"
-Added the option to show only results from unique domains

-Searching sites now shows progress circle and will not cause UI to be unresponsive

-Now automatically detects corrupted database and prompt user to download a new one from server

-Fixed issue with account profile creation allowing empty subdomain

-Added Auto Updater
-Added Article Builder integration
-Added BigContentSearch integration
-Added Bypasscaptcha integration
-Site list update (removed non-working sites and added new sites)

-It is now possible to specify platforms to scrape for in search engine scraper

Link Checker/Analyzer
-Link Checker now supports redirected live links
-Fixed issue with software crashing when Link Analyzer processes:
--Too many sites (>10k)
--Sites with too many nested HTML Elements

Data Importer
-Fixed issue with data importer utility crashing

-Improved overall stability
-Fixed Site Manager crashing issue when user refreshes site information
-Fixed memory leaking issue after running for long hours for the following module:
--Link Analyzer
--Link Checker

Contextual Linking
-It is now possible to specify 0 under contextual linking replacement count

-Minor GUI Improvement for
--Add Project
--Account Creation Task
--Site Manager

-Added the ability to import KontentMachine articles
--Add Article -> Import Articles From KontentMachine (Article/Web2.0/Wiki Submission)
--Import -> Import From KontentMachine (Bookmark Submission)

-Fixed issue with drip feed not working for tasks created using diagram wizard
-Fixed issue with spinner generating strange output when heavily spun article is used
-Fixed issue with scripted platform not submitting full article
-Fixed issue with textbox (title, tags) not displaying text when large amount of text is inserted
-Fixed issue with registration failing due to description too short for Dolphin platform
-Fixed oxwall paragraph formatting issue

Sites related
-Now supports more sites to be added into LAIO per session (please let us know immediately if it still crashes)

-Improved caching ability (Improves task, account, site loading speed)

-Added Diagram Designer
-Added the ability to do Contextual Linking (automatically converts found keywords into anchor)
--Note: If the keyword is not found in the article, LAIO will insert the anchors at the bottom of the article
-Added the ability to retry failed tasks (Right click a task -> Retry failed submissions)
-Added Caching Support (submissions now submit way faster and consume way less memory)
-Added scheduling support for task (based on date and parent task)
-Added Indexification indexing service
-Added Antigate captcha solving service
-Article Submission tasks is now splitted into Article, Web2.0 and Wiki Submission Tasks
-Improved overall stability
-Email scraper has been removed

Database related
-Added the ability to shrink database to reduce database size
-Fixed issue with report showing incorrect live links after database import

Adding sites
-Adding sites now consume less memory

Captcha Solving
-Fixed issue with captcha not being sent to Decaptcher server when CS is running
-Captcha solving with CS is much more stable now
-Fixed issue with backup captcha not working when retry failed is set to 0

Sites related
-"Limit selected to n sites" in sites list now selects sites randomly instead of sequentially

Link Checker
-Link checker now supports alive checker
-Link Checker now outputs dofollow/nofollow of live link

Reporting / Logging
-Snapshot logging is now disabled by default to reduce memory consumption
-Task report now shows found anchors (1,2,3)
-Successful logs now shows found anchors (1,2,3)

-Search engine scraper now scrapes with lower performance and memory overhead
-Search engine scraper now displays jobs & proxies left
-Minimum thread count is now set to 1 (instead of 0)

EMD Checker
-EMD checker now outputs domains without space

Account Creation
-Removed directory sites from account creation task (since registration is not required on the sites)
-Account creation now show credential for registered sites

-Now inserts anchor into article in random position

-Added the ability to specify spin quality for SpinnerChief, SpinRewriter and SpinChimp

-Notification will now be shown in tray after completion of task

-Default theme has been set back to "2010 Silver"
-Submitter pane now shows retry count
-Improved UI for all wizards
-Captcha Credit pane now displays credits from 3 captcha services instead of 1

-Fixed issue with Dolphin platform profile creation reporting success incorrectly
-Removed "cool site created using LAIO" footprint for Dolphin based profile creation

-Submitter now displays stop progression when Stop Submitter is clicked
-Submitter now terminates threads way quicker than before

-Settings windows will not automatically close after you click "Save"

-Fixed issue with links not being sent to BacklinksIndexer

-Added new Web 2.0 platform - Drupal
-Added Social Network Module
-Added new Social Network platform - StatusNet
-Added more than 4000 high success rate sites from various platforms
-Added BacklinksIndexer pinging service support
-Default theme has been set to Metro (Enjoy the new look!)
-Fixed issue with software not extracting correct captcha answer returned from GSA Captcha Breaker

-Added the ability to add custom live links to pinging queue

Keyword Analyzer
-Fixed issue with keyword analyzer returning inaccurate results
-Keyword analyzer now supports the following Google services Shortener shortener now allows custom credential (so user can track clicks)

Link Extractor
-Link extractor now allows extracting links from same domain

-Retrieving live links in TXT for multiple tasks is now possible (select multiple task -> retrieve Live Links in TXT)

Site Manager
-Fixed issue with bad word filter crashing after clicking on checkbox
-Added the ability to bulk select sites from list (To make the process of removing sites and also changing list name easier)

-SpinnerChief spinning service now support foreign language thesaurus (Can be set under Settings -> Spinner)

-Added note to inform user supported proxy format when adding proxies
-Changed start submitter button image
-Added image for stop submitter
-Added the ability to show/hide option pane in Site Manager and also for Email Content
-Replaced expandable panel with expandable splitter for submitter

-Fixed issue with paragraph not properly formatted for oxwall platform
-Fixed issue with custom added module not updating submission method sites count

-Added prioritized captcha solving feature
-Added GSA Captcha Breaker captcha solving support
-Added theme support (+9 new themes)
-Updated PR value for all sites
-Removed tons of non-working sites, expect up to 90-100% registration success rates! (more sites will be added soon)

Task related
-Added the ability to hide completed tasks
-Added the ability to not load submission data for edit task (decreases loading time)
-Added the ability to retrieve live links in TXT in task pane context menu
-Fixed issue with edit task not selecting drip feed for submission type

-Added the ability to select and unselect highlighted proxies
-Fixed issue with software crashing when testing large number of proxies

-Submitter pane now displays what captcha solving service is being used under status

Rank Tracker
-Fixed issue with rank tracker not displaying accurate result for websites with "http://" prefix
-Now displays warning to the user when system detects website is prefixed with www.

Site Manager
-Bad words filter now search for bad word in URL, title and description

Sites related
-Added the ability to visit highlighted website in sites control
-Added the ability to select highlighted sites for sites control
-Added the ability to unselect sites based on health in sites control

-Renamed "Profile Submission Task" to "Profile Creation Task"
-Updated registration successful footprint for Dolphin platform
-Fixed issue with SpinChimp returning "Incorrect API Key error"
-Removed Password field from SpinChimp settings since it is not required

-Added WordAI integration (Regular/Turing)

-Fixed issue with spinner generating unexpected output when handling large article

-Added the ability to customise maximum number of random usernames to generate (Settings -> Generator)

-Settings now show all spinner settings

-Fixed issue with software crashing when user highlight too many words
-Fixed issue with software crashing when user tries to diversify too many words at once

-Added the ability to retry failed registration/submission
-Added ShaniBPO captcha solving service support
-Added 80+ bookmarking sites
-Increased bookmarking submission success rates (and also live link extraction rate)

Article Related
-Load articles from folder now use first line in the file content as title (instead of file name)
-Load articles from folder now automatically fill resource, summary and tags

Sites Related
-Added the ability to show only selected sites for Sites control and Site Manager

Link Analyzer
-Link Analyzer now show warning when user tries to analyze a large number of links

-Fixed issue with "import from folder" button not working for textbox control

-Fixed issue with protected terms not working for SpinnerChimp, SpinChimp and SpinRewriter

-Added the ability to disable automatic proxy turning off after certain number of consecutive failures
-Added the ability to select all working proxies
-Added the ability to export selected proxies

Live Link
-Fixed issue with live links not being extracted properly with the character '%' is present in the URL

Task related
-Added the ability to change task name template (Settings -> General -> Task Name)

-Added training video button under Help

-Fixed issue with Copyscape,Spinnerchief,SpinChimp links not working in settings windows

-Free Hundreds of Daily Premium Proxies for LIFETIME! (Proxies -> Add -> Load Proxies From Server)
-Spin Rewriter Integration
-Task panel now displays task account profile
-Added the ability to select sites that contains list of bad words in title and description
-Added 1000+ MediaWiki sites
-Added PHPIzabi platform support
-Added 30+ PHPIzabi sites
-Added for web profile creation

-Improved overall performance and stability
-Improved spinning algorithm (built-in spinner now spins 30x faster!)

-Now displays warning to stop users from starting submitter when testing proxies
-Now displays warning for users who select ARTICLE sites for account creation (users are highly recommended to use WEB2.0PROPERTIES sites instead of ARTICLE's for article submission for better success rates)

-Fixed issue with text not being replaced if the text contains more than one word

-Improved proxy tester algorithm (Now uses BING instead of Google to verify successes)
-LAIO now automatically disables a proxy after it has failed for n consecutive times (default: 5, adjustable under Settings -> Anonymity)
-Added the ability to import proxies from text file
-Added the ability to paste proxies from clipboard
-Added the ability to download daily premium proxies from server
-Now displays number of proxies loaded

Text Capcha
-Added the ability to skip text captcha solving (can be changed under Settings -> Captcha)

PR Checker
-Fixed issue with PR checker returning -1 for certain sites

Search Engine Scraper
-Added the ability to download daily premium proxies from server
-Fixed issue with thread count number not updated when thread count is changed
-Fixed issue with scraper using only a single thread for scraping
-Now truncates activity log to improve performance
-Now disables keyword textbox when scraping is running

-Fixed issue with captcha credits being unnecessarily used for WEB2.0PROPERTIES platforms

-Added New Platform - ZFBlogs
-Added 300+ ZFBlogs Sites
-Improved overall stability

-Added notification warning user about having low success rates when public proxies are being used
-Column label 'Count' under Email panel has been changed to 'Number of Emails'
-Column label 'Information Retrieved' has been changed to 'Action'

-Fixed issue with LAIO crashing after adding custom ping servers
-Fixed issue with LAIO not saving custom ping servers

-Fixed issue with LAIO freezing during submission with large number of proxies
-Built-in proxy tester now test proxies using stricter rule
-Added the ability to test proxies using multiple threads (Speeds up proxy testing)
-Added the ability to select non-working proxies
-LAIO now displays number of selected, working and non-working proxies

-Fixed issue with LAIO running out of memory when submitting highly spun article

PR Checker
-Fixed issue with PR checker crashing after complete

-Added 12 High PR Sites (under category WEB2.0PROPERTIES HIGH PR) PR 9 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8
--goodreads PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5

-Added automatic Trim To Root ability for the following platforms:

-Fixed article formatting issue for the following platforms

-Added 886 Bookmarking Sites
-Added the ability to filter selected sites based on PR and OBL

-Added toast notification after Verify Emails or Add Proxies is clicked in the menu
-Fixed selected project/task count not updated when projects/tasks are selected via context menu
-Added Start Submitter button menu for easy accessibility

Site Manager
-Fixed issue with software hanging when checking sites in Site Manager

Email Activation
-Improved email activation link detection rate
-Fixed issue with email activation link not extracted correctly
-Updated Email Activation footprints

-Fixed issue with certain Captcha not displayed correctly to the users

-Add/Edit/Remove Task/Project has been shifted to Main menu
-Manage Sites, Output URLs, Emails, Modules, Category, Platforms buttons has been shifted to Advanced menu
-Added toast notification for guiding users to add first project and task
-Rectified typography error for failed submission health under settings
-Selected Project and Task is now shown in the submitter pane

-Added the ability to import projects, tasks, accounts, sites, emails from older version of data file

-Default health increment value for successful submission is now 50% instead of 25%
-Default health decrement value for successful submission is now 20% instead of 25%

-Increased Pligg submission success rate
-Fixed issue with submission thread hanging due to redirect loop

-Improved accessibility for account profile creation windows

Sites / Site manager related
-Added the ability to group sites by list name
-Added registration / submission health for sites
-Changed the formula of how the health of a site is calculated
-Improved reset health performance in site manager
-Fixed issue with LAIO crashing when user closes site manager dialog in the middle of checking PR

-Added Profile Creation Ability for Dolphin and Elgg platforms
-Added The Best Spinner spinning support
-Improved overall stability
-Updated User Manual to v1.1
-Added the following sites:
600+ PhpLD directories (Web Directory)
100 Clipshare (Video)
800 Pligg (Bookmarking)
300 Jcow/Elgg (Web 2.0)
1200 Article Directories (Article)

GUI Enhancements
-Toast notification
-Main window footer
-Add Article - Enhanced accessibility
-Account Profile Creation - Enhanced accessibility for users with lower resolution
-Directory Submission Fields - resized to provide larger areas for text

Snapshots / Logging
-Added the ability to export snapshots (Mainly for troubleshooting purposes)
-Added Verbose Logging (For troubleshooting purposes)

Submission / Submitter
-Increased success rates for the following platforms:
Jcow (Major improvement)

-Fixed issue with getting "You have no permission to access path" during account creation for SocialGO sites
-Fixed issue with paragraph format not preserved when submitting to BuddyPress sites
-Fixed submitter thread hanging when the site has a redirect loop
-Fixed issue with submitter threads not initializing when proxy file is not present in folder

-Fixed issue with search engine scraper count not resetting on scrape restart
-Fixed issue with article scraper not killing threads entirely on exit

-Fixed issue with trial users repeatedly getting activation windows

-Added trim to root ability for Jcow platform

-Added Link Checker
-Added Auto Pinging & Lindexed support
-Added Edit & Clone Task support (Right click task -> Clone/Edit task)
-Minor GUI Enhancements

-Fixed issue with project panel not showing remarks

Submitter / Submission related
-Fixed issue with bookmark submitter failing due to "URL is invalid or blocked" error

-Fixed issue with submitter not killing threads properly
-Submitter panel now shows thread count

-Updated DBC API (Increased DBC response time)

-Fixed issue with logger reporting incorrect URLs

-Added Pligg Upvoter

-Successful logs now display site PR
-Fixed incorrect display of & in live link of successful logs

Licorne Cosmic
-Fixed Licorne Cosmic not displaying username, password and email when training submission sites

Keyword Analyzer
-Fixed issue with Keyword Analyzer crashing

-Increased Pligg registration success rates
-Fixed issue with directory submission task hanging in the middle of submission
-Fixed bookmark submission wrongly reporting live link for Pligg platform

-Fixed issue with HumanCoder users not being able to view captcha credit

-Added manual antispam solving support
-Added 30+ high PR phpBB / vBulletin forum sites
-Added 500+ Web 2.0 Properties sites
-Added 16 Scuttle sites
-Added 3 RSS directories
-Added the following platforms:
    MoinMoin (Wiki)
    TikiWiki (Wiki)
    PhpFox (Web 2.0 Properties)
    SocialGo (Web 2.0 Properties)
    phpBB (Forum)
    vBulletin (Forum)
    Scuttle (Bookmark)

Site Manager / Sites related
-Removed unhealthy sites (sites with low success rates)
-Fixed issue with Site Manager crashing after closing the dialog when sites are loading
-Fixed issue with Site Manager not updating site information when site title or description contains single quote
-Fixed issue with PR value getting reset when site information is updated
-Fixed issue with site manager and link analyzer hanging in the middle of analyzing links

-Fixed issue with editor image/video scraper not displaying result

Email Activation
-Email activator now extract activation links more effectively

-Fixed issue with having repeated date in the chart of task report

-Fixed issue with submitter threads dying unknowningly during account creation for certain platforms

RSS Submitter
-Fixed issue with RSS submission wizard crashing on task creation

-Extended trial period from 3 to 5 days
-Trial users now able to activate software by clicking on Help -> Activate LAIO.
-Improved MediaWiki submission success rate

-Title scraping in editor now supports up to 100 entries
-Title scraping in editor is now done asynchronously
-Insert Anchor Tag in editor now include all given output URLs instead of randomly selecting only one output URL
-Added configure settings drop down button for Spin, Copyscape Check in editor
-Added the ability to scrape for image / video and generate user specified html tags in editor

Article Scraper
-Scrape article function in article information of article submission task now use new article scraper
-Article Scraper now strips scraped articles' html tags before adding them into the list of articles in article information of article submission task
-Article Scraper now support paragraph level spinning

-Email content height is adjusted to better preview the content
-Fixed issue with account profile generation not generating office phone number

-Added the following tools:
    Article Scraper
    Search Engine Scraper (Link, Email, Image URL and Video URL scraper)
    Footprint Creator
    Whois Scraper
    Google Suggest Scraper
    Link/Email Extractor
    Bitly Shortener
    Bulk Article Spinner
    PR Checker
    EMD Checker
    Link Analyzer
    Rank Tracker
    Keyword Analyzer
    Duplicate Remover

-Fixed issue with Licorne Word Spinner causing software to crash when spinning articles with single quote

-Added the ability to export site list for Site Manager

-Added the ability to scrape titles based on seed keyword for editor

-Fixed incorrent label colors for Windows XP users

-Added submission graph/report generation ability for project and task (right click on project/task -> Generate Report) View Report Screenshot
-Added Captcha Sniper support
-Added Humancoder captcha solving service support (visit to order captcha)
-Main window now shows Captcha Credit on top
-Added the ability to pause/unpause task (right click on task -> Pause/Unpause)

-Article submission wizard now support tags
-Increased submission success rates for Dolphin platform
-Increased registration success rates for Pligg platform
-Added the ability to automatically upvote submitting bookmarks for Pligg platform
-Fixed incorrect formatting issue for submitted articles

Article Scraper
-Fixed issue with edit, spin and preview button not working in article scraper

-Fixed article preview showing incorrect summary and content
-Category and platform list in sites control are now sorted alphabatically

-Added support for the following platforms:
    Dolphin (Web 2.0 Properties)
    oxwall (Web 2.0 Properties)
    Buddypress (Web 2.0 Properties)

-Increased success rates for the following platforms:
    Wordpress Article Directory

-Improved overall submission speed

-Added antispam solving capability for Pligg account creation
-Fixed issue with bookmark live links not saved into output url list
-Fixed issue with failed submission returning multiple logs under Failed

Wizard / Account Profile
-Account profile now allows user to insert avatar image (only in .png format)
-Wizard will now prompt warning if total successful count is set as 1
-Added "Set Max" button to the submission method control
-Submission method's Total Successful Count is automatically set to max when accounts are selected

Editor (Insert anchor tags)
-Fixed issue with anchors not being added into article if the "Text to be replaced" is in capitalized format
-Add anchor window now shows number of text occurence in article

-Added the ability to not use selected proxies
-Added the ability to test added proxies

-Fixed issue with not able to stop email activation
-Fixed issue with retrieving incorrect password from email when catch-all email is used and old emails are not deleted

-Fixed issue with bookmark submission wizard accepting task even output URL list is not specified
-Fixed issue with output URL list count not displayed correctly
-Fixed issue with settings form not asking for Spinnerchief or SpinChimp credentials
-Fixed issue with spin button not working in editor

-Added User Manual (You can read it under Help -> User Manual)
-Added the ability to add module
-Added RSS Submission Module
-Fixed LAIO crashing right after launching for certain users
-Fixed account status and site follow tag being incorrectly displayed as 'a' and 'b'
-Fixed account creation task not detecting duplicate task name
-Fixed account creation not processing task after adding task

-Increased account creation and submission success rates for PhpMotion, Clipshare, Jcow and Elgg
-Fixed unable to submit for all scripted submitter
-Fixed unable to submit for ArticleDashboard,ArticleFriendly and AMS platforms
-Scripted submitter now supports multiple goals
-Added live link support for video submission module
-Fixed issue with Elgg posting bookmark instead of article for article submission

Account / Account Profile
-Added the ability to edit account information
-Account profile now warn user when accounts that require password to be retrieved from email are selected

Email / Email Activation
-Added the ability to edit Email
-Added the ability to delete email after checking
-Fixed issue with user unable to start email activation immediately when the email is waiting for automated email activation
-Email activator now detects activation link more accurately

-Added platform column for logging

-Proxy tab now shows proxy information (health, successful and failed connection count)
-Fixed issue with unable to remove proxies

-Updated Captcha Footprints
-Added warning for article scraper after selecting articles (warning user to add anchor tags into the scraped articles)
-Improved Send to Blacklist performance in Site Manager
-Added Load Site Meta in bookmark control
-Added antispam solving ability for MediaWiki platform
-Fixed issue with unable to edit footprint

-Major GUI Improvement
-Added the ability to train platform using socket (Platforms -> train new platform) (guides will be added tomorrow) *
-Added the ability to change task status to completed (Right click on task list and click Mark as COMPLETED)
-Task list is now automatically updated after adding new task
-Added the ability to add/edit/remove module, platform category, platform, field and captcha **
-Added the ability to limit submission based on successful count
-Added scheduling (drip feed) support for all modules
-Added Profile Creation Module
-Added custom Web 2.0 Profile, Web 2.0 Properties and Press Release sites
-Added the ability to view submission snapshots
-Added the ability to Log errors and activities
-Main window now shows latest version (version indicator will change to red when there's a newer version)
-Main window now shows CPU and memory consumption used by LAIO (located at bottom right corner)
-Main window now shows current db size (located at bottom right corner)
-Fixed issue with Article Scraper returning no results
-Removed Article Scraper under Tools (will be added back in the future)

Site / Accounts
-Added Site Manager
-Added Blacklist Manager
-Now link analyzer detects follow tag more accurately
-Now link analyzer detects duplicate links more accurately
-Now link analyzer shows statistics at the bottom (Added, Duplicate, Platform not detected and Dead count)
-Account creation now able to create accounts using existing profile
-Account list now show account information (Registered,ActivationRequired or PasswordFromEmail)
-Profile generation now supports generation for address, city, state, country and company name
-Fixed issue with displaying "Please select links" eventhough sites/accounts are selected in new task wizard
-Site selection in Account Creation module now show existing accounts
-Added the ability to search sites in site list
-Added the ability to unselect/select all project/tasks on right click
-Added the ability to check PR, refresh site information and delete sites
-Fixed incorrect link health calculation formula (now link health is calculated based on (successful count * 100) / (successful count + failed count))
-Fixed add links from text displaying empty link analyzer when cancel button is clicking
-Site list now display correct selected count

-Improved site list loading performance
-Improved profile generation performance
-Improved submitter performance and memory management

-Textbox in all modules now supports up to 2.1b characters (was 32767)
-Fixed textbox showing incorrect word and character count when spun content is supplied
-Added the ability to insert anchor keywords and URLs in editor
-Removed contextual profile and category selection (will be added back in the future)
-Textbox and Editor now only diversify selected text instead of all text in editor

-Fixed LAIO crashing when submitter thread count is adjusted during submission
-Fixed issue with manual captcha window not displaying properly
-Fixed scripting submitter behaving abnormally when dealing with spun content
-Manual captcha now shows amount of captcha left

Email / Email Activation
-Added catch-all email support
-Updated email activation link footprints
-Now automatically change account status from ActivationRequired/PasswordFromEmail to Registered once activation has been done
-Now shows downloaded email subject under status
-Fixed issue with extremely long pause when testing email account with many emails
-Fixed issue with email status stuck at "WaitingToBeProcessed"
-Fixed issue with email activation link not being clicked during email activation
-Fixed issue crashing after adding email
-Fixed issue with unable to download all mails for mailnesia
-Email activation is now automatically triggered when "RegisteredButRequireEmailActivation" or "RequirePasswordFromEmail" footprint/goal is found in page

-Added the ability to customise automatic email activation wait interval (in minute)
-Added the ability to add and customise User Agent used for submission
-Added the ability to adjust link analyzer thread count (for adding links)
-Added the ability to turn on and off submission logs and snapshots (To reduce memory consumption)

* Module adding and deleting is not available at the moment
** Trained platform only supports single site at the moment

-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with link list not enabled for selection after completion
-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with crashing after clicking "Edit Proxies" during PR checking
-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with crashing after PR checking
-(Automation) Fixed issue with crashing with snapshot is not available

-(Automation) Fixed issue with extremely low success rate for registration on first run
-(Automation) Removed as it causes hanging when manual captcha solving is selected
-(Automation) Fixed issue with registration not starting for first time users
-(General) Default captcha solving service is not set to Manual Captcha Solving

-(Mass Indexer) Now supports multiple url indexing
-(Mass Indexer) Fixed issue with report not displayed correctly
-(Mass Indexer) Fixed crashing issue upon completion
-(Mass Indexer) Now uses built in link list
-(Mailnesia Verifier) GUI Revamp
-(Mailnesia Verifier) Now notifies user when verification is complete
-(Automation) Added/Removed a few web 2.0 properties
-(Automation) Increased registration and submission success rates
-(Automation) Added live link reporting for all web 2.0 properties sites

-(Automation) Converted few sites registration/submission from web browser to socket based
-(Automation) Web 2.0 Properties registration and submission now return much higher success rates
-(General) Removed Wiki Submitter
-(General) Fixed crashing issue with Website Title and Description retrieval when given url is not accessible
-(Article Submitter) Fixed issue with extremely low success rate on registration

-(Automation) Fixed posting with spintax issue for certain sites
-(Automation) Fixed a few web 2.0 profiles and properties issue with failing registration
-(Automation) Fixed issue with not filling manual captcha correctly for web browser based sites
-(General) Fixed issue with not able to open report due to incorrect slashing
-(Rank Tracker) Minor GUI Revamp
-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with not being able to detect platform if http:// is not present
-(Link List Manager) Added "Select all unprocessed" and "Select all with no PR"

-(Automation) Removed non-working Jcow socket template sites
-(Automation) Fixed and removed a few non-working web 2.0 profile sites
-(Automation) Submitters now disable profile during submission
-(Automation) GUI Revamp
-(Automation) Now shows last snapshot correctly
-(Automation) Now able to select sites by category
-(Automation) Added the ability to generate CSV and HTML report
-(Automation) Now shows number of registered account, profile creation date and profile -last activity
-(General) Removed Link Analyzer since Link List Manager provides similar functionality
-(General) Removed Miracle Article Submitter
-(Wiki Submitter) Now able to submit using link list
-(wiki Submitter) GUI Revamp
-(Link List Manager) Improved WikiMedia platform detection rate
-(Keyword Analyzer) Added support

-(General) GUI Revamp for several modules
-(Proxy Harvester) Added Last Checked column
-(Proxy Harvester) Added the ability to change proxy type
-(Proxy Harvester) Improved working proxies export speed
-(Proxy Harvester) Added the ability to remove non working proxies
-(Proxy Harvester) Fixed issue with crashing after completion
-(Proxy Harvester) Fixed issue with not stopping after completion
-(Submitters) Added default list
-(Submitters) Converted "Retrieve Website Title and Description" to socket based
-(Submitters) "Retrieve Website Title and Description" function now supports spintax
-(Submitters) Fixed issue with blank HTML report for submission
-(Wiki Submitter) Fixed issue with not spinning title and content for WikkaWiki platform
-(Directory Submitter) Changed "Approved" to "Submitted" under status
-(Directory Submitter) Fixed issue with directory submitter hanging after completion
-(Directory Submitter) Now displays "Payment Required" in error message
-(Link List Manager) Added user agent to improve detection rate
-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with not analyzing checked items properly
-(Link List Manager) Fixed issue with crashing after checking "Select Duplicate Domain"

-(Automation) Added ability to unselect socket/webbrowser sites as well as sites with lower than certain PR
-(Automation) Fixed issue with video submitter live link not being displayed correctly
-(Settings) Now displays default caption and style sheet correctly
-(Wiki Submitter) Added foreign wiki support
-(General) Added HTML Reporting function for Link List Manager, PR Checker, Whois Scraper, Competitor Crusher
-(Link List Manager) Now detects MediaWiki, Elgg, Jcow, vshare, PHPMotion, Clipshare platform
-(Link List Manager) Added the ability to select custom platform
-(Whois Scraper) Now automatically trims email, creation and expiry date
-(Proxy Harvester) Fixed issues with program crashing at the end of testing

-(General) LAIO Beta Ends!
-(General) Added HTML Reporting function
-(General) Added the ability to customise HTML Report
-(Database) Now able to send list to Link List Manager
-(Wiki Submitter) Added WikkaWiki platform support
-(Bookmark Submitter) Fixed issue with registration stopping halfway
-(Automation) Removed non working video sites
-(Automation) Added PR support for socket template sites
-(Automation) Added 100+ Elgg and Jcow platform sites
-(Automation) Added Elgg and Jcow platform support for Web 2.0 Properties
-(Automation) Fixed issues with manual captcha solving not working for socket template sites

-(General) Added Website Diversifier
-(General) Added Anchor Diversifier
-(Settings) Added Website and Anchor diversity settings
-(Automation) Added RSS Submitter
-(Automation) Added 3 RSS Submission Sites
-(Automation) Minor validation improvement
-(Directory Submitter) Fixed off-format CSV report
-(Bookmark/Directory Submitter) Fixed inconsistent failure report
-(Submitters) Added one click website and anchor diversifier to various fields
-(Spinner) Changed default max spin to 3
-(Article Scraper) Now displays keyword density
-(Article Scraper) Now able to save selected articles only instead of all articles
-(Article Scraper) Fixed article unable to display issue with GoArticles
-(Article Scraper) Fixed issue with not stopping completely
-(Article Scraper) Added article filtering
-(Search Engine Scraper) Now automatically remove duplicate results

-(Automation) Added 100+ video submission sites
-(Automation) Added video submission module
-(Automation) Added live link reporting (only works for video submission at the moment)
-(Automation) Added socket templates
-(General) Renamed Link Trimmer to Link Duplicate Remover

(Article Spinner) Fixed { issue with Licorne Word Spinner when max spin is set at 1
(Article Scraper) Fixed scraping issue with ArticlesBase
(Automation) Added 10 Press Release Sites
(Automation) Added Press Release Submission Module
(Automation) Added the ability to view last submission snapshot

-(General) Added centralised settings section
-(Automation) Added spinning ability for various fields
-(Directory Submitter) Converted submission from webbrowser to socket based
-(Article Submitter) Increased Wordpress platform submission success rate
-(Spinner) Users can now customize amount of synonyms shown
-(Spinner) Fixed spinner crashing issue
-(Spinner) Single and Bulk Spin now spin based on user selected service
-(Wiki Submitter) Increased posting success rate
-(Wiki Submitter) Fixed issue with not resetting previous index on restart
-(Bookmark Submitter) Added built-in link trim to root function
-(URL Trimmer) Converted from webbrowser to socket based

-(Wiki Submitter) Added Spintax ability
-(Wiki Submitter) Added text captcha solving ability
-(Wiki Submitter) Increased posting success rate
-(Wiki Submitter) Minor bug fixes
-(Mailnesia Verifier) Converted verification process to socket based
-(Mailnesia Verifier) Fixed issue with repeating dialog box after completion

-(General) Added Socket Based Licorne Scripting
-(Automation) Added socket based 20+ Web 2.0 Properties and 10+ Web 2.0 Profile sites
-(Automation) Added Automatic Profile Creation
-(Automation) Converted email verification to socket based
-(Automation) Added Spintax support for Profile Information
-(Automation) Added the ability to retry failed
-(Bookmark/Article Submitter) Improved registration and submission success rate

-(Wiki Submitter) Improved registration and submission success rate
-(Wiki Submitter) Added trim to root function
-(Wiki Submitter) Added CSV report generation
-(Wiki Submitter) Added the ability to navigate to live link on double click
-(Wiki Submitter) Fixed issue with not clearing links after first run
-(Wiki Submitter) Fixed issue with incorrect success count

-(General) Added Wiki Submitter
-(Bookmark Submitter) Converted registration and submission from webbrowser to socket based
-(Bookmark Submitter) Added the ability to auto retrieve live link upon submission
-(Bookmark Submitter) Removed Extractor tab
-(Article Submitter) Converted registration and submission from webbrowser to socket based
-(Article Submitter) Fixed issues with email account retrieval
-(Article Submitter) Added word count information to article tab

-(Web 2.0 Account Creator) Fixed issues with captcha solving settings not saved due to "blank proxy"
-(Web 2.0 Automation) Fixed issues with captcha not displayed properly for manual captcha solving
-(Scrapers) Fixed unable to scrape due to recent Google output structure change
-(Keyword Analyzer) Fixed unable to display result due to recent Google output structure change
-(Keyword Analyzer) Fixed unable to display competition due to recent Google output structure change
-(Proxy Harvester) Fixed proxy export not exporting port
-(Proxy Harvester) Removed "select all proxies"
-(Email Verifier) Fixed activation issue with Mailnesia users
-(Article Submitter) Fixed activation issue with Mailnesia users
-(Miracle Commenter) Fixed unable to scrape due to recent Google output structure change)
-(Miracle Commenter) Proxy harvesting and testing thread count is now customizable
-(Miracle Commenter) now skips keywords longer than 5 words

-(GENERAL) Added web profile creation module
-(GENERAL) Introduced Licorne Scripting
-(GENERAL) Major GUI Revamp
-(GENERAL) Added URL Trimmer Module
-(GENERAL) Fixed CSV report issue with commas
-(GENERAL) Fixed the problem with input captcha button
-(GENERAL) Replaced livechat with forum
-(WEB 2.0 AUTOMATION) Added 20+ web 2.0 sites
-(WEB 2.0 AUTOMATION) Added 20+ web 2.0 profiles
-(WEB 2.0 AUTOMATION) Rewritten algorithm, auto captcha solving, customizable browser count, auto email verification, logging
-(WEB 2.0 AUTOMATION) All web 2.0 automation modules now able to read from licorne scripts
-(WEB 2.0 ACCOUNT CREATION) Fixed profile information doesn't update on change
-(WEB 2.0 ACCOUNT CREATION) Selected credential is now shown
-(WEB 2.0 ACCOUNT CREATION) Added the ability for web 2.0 account creation module to save profile information (including hotmail username and password)
-(WEB 2.0 ACCOUNT CREATION) Added the ability to skip current website for web 2.0 account creation module
-(WEB 2.0 ACCOUNT CREATION) Added display IE options in web 2.0 account creation module
-(HOTMAIL ACCOUNT CREATOR)Fixed duplicate captcha for hotmail account creator
-(ARTICLE SPINNER) Added the ability to perform bulk spinning
-(EMAIL VERIFIER) Added the ability to read activation footprints from file
-(PARAGRAPH SPINNER) Added the ability to send to spinner
-(Article Submitter) Added the ability to perform auto URL Trimming
-(IMAGE SCRAPER) Added the ability to scrape image url along with images
-(VARIOUS SUBMITTERS) Added the ability to customize footprints for captcha detection/field and registration/submission goals
-(LINK EXTRACTOR) Improved extraction algorithm and introduced few extration modes
-(PROXY SCRAPER) Now known as Proxy Harvester
-(PROXY SCRAPER) Added the ability to edit proxy test rule
-(PROXY SCRAPER) Rewritten algorithm for more accurate and faster scraping
-(PR CHECKER) Added the ability to sort by PR
-(EMD CHECKER) Added the ability to check custom domain
-(SPINNERCHIEF ARTICLE SPINNER) Added copy to clipboard and clear button

-Added Miracle Article Submitter
-Added Spintax Generator
-Captcha Sniper Integration
-SpinnerChief Integration

-Added the ability to export results into CSV format for Article Submitter, Bookmark Submitter, Directory Submitter, Whois Scraper, Competitor Crusher, Link List Manager
-Fixed crashing issues for Article Submitter and Bookmark Submitter
-Added the ability to retry failed for Article Submitter, Bookmark Submitter and Directory Submitter
-Added the ability to spin tags for Article Submitter and Bookmark Submitter
-Fixed Bookmark Submitter "wrong login username" on submission
-Bookmark Submitter now shows error log for submission
-Fixed Article Submitter displaying activation message more than once on registration completion
-Tweet Scraper now scrapes more accurate tweets

-Fixed PR Checker returning error message on restart
-Fixed hotmail email creator issues with not being able to create account
-Fixed autoblogger problem with "Microsoft OLE.DB Component not registered"
-Fixed indexer issue with not being able to restart process
-Fixed "file not found" issue for ALL modules with "Browse" button

-Added the ability to clear output for Link Trimmer
-Added proxies support for PR Checker
-Image Scraper now returns 200x200 size image (previously was 120x120)
-Username generator now includes alphabets in suffix
-Article Scraper editor now displays word count

-Improved paragraph spinner algorithm to decrease the possibility of having paragraphs from same articles
-Paragraph spinner now displays how many articles the paragraphs were taken from

-Content Aggregator now automatically spins output article using character spinner

-Competitor Crusher now displays backlinks from Google,Yahoo,Alexa and Bing
-Competitor Crusher now able to analyze anchor tags, url, title and description of backlinks

-Added Miracle Commenter (Formerly known as Commenter v2)
-Added Character Spinner (unique content generator)
-Added Captcha Sniper Integration (UNCONFIRMED, users please run Captcha Sniper, set captcha solving to Decaptcher and port to 80 to test and give us feedback on this)

-Added MediaWiki support to Article Submitter
-Added WPMU support to Article submitter

-Added Mailnesia Email Verifier

-Removed RSS Submitter

-Improved Article Submitter registration success rate
-Improved Article Submitter stop handling
-Article Submitter now displays colour to indicate success or failure
-Fixed Article Submitter having popup during registration aud submission
-Fixed Article Submitter "hanging" during submission process
-Article Submitter now shows warning if registration information is empty

-Improved Bookmark Submitter registration success rate
-Fixed Bookmark Submitter not displaying colour properly for failed submission
-Adjusted default timeout for Bookmark Submitter for both registration and submitter to 80000 (80 seconds)
-Improved Bookmark Submitter category selection (will select a random category if user specified categories not found)
-Added Extractor to Bookmark Submitter to extract direct link from profile page
-Bookmark Submitter now shows warning if registration information is empty

-Article Scraper now able to sort title,word count
-Fixed Article Scraper not showing word count in editor

-Paragraph Spinner now displays trimmed content

-Added Pause button for Commenter

-Autofill now able to save credentials into text file
-Autofill now generates strong password

-Added the ability for bulk pinger to use customised ping sources

-Youtube URL & Comment Scraper now able to export scraped URLs to text file

-Fixed Content Aggregator not scraping articles
-Fixed Email Verifier messagebox infinite loop
-Fixed 'hidden output dialog' for Copyscape Checker
-Fixed crashing issues when submitters failed to connect ImageTyperz server

-Added Google Batch Checker
-Added Licorne Link List Manager
-Added Competitor Crusher

-Added stop button for wordpress url extractor, wordpress comment extractor, email scraper, link analyzer, link filter, EMD checker, proxy checker, whois scraper, keyword analyzer

-Fixed keyword analyzer, tweet, email scraper, fact finder, issues with not displaying result due to recent change of Google output structure
-Fixed 'Link file not found' error for wordpress url extractor, wordpress comment extractor, email scraper, link analyzer, link filter, EMD checker, proxy checker
-Fixed general issues with ImageTyperz captcha solving

-Fixed autoblogger posting on January 2001 issue
-Added edit entry button for autoblogger

-Improved bookmark submitter registration success rate
-Improved stop handler for bookmark/directory/article submitter
-Fixed bookmark submitter manual captcha entry problem
-Fixed Decaptcher issue for bookmark submitter
-Fixed ImageTyperz not working for bookmark submitter (bookmark submission)
-Directory submitter now shows error information for failed submission
-Fixed directory and article submitter issues with ImageTyperz auto captcha solving
-Added LinkList support for directory/article/bookmark submitters
-Added retrieve title and description feature for directory and bookmark submitter

-Fixed Rank Tracker issues with http:// entries
-Fixed issues with rank tracker not stopping checking
-Rank tracker now able to track multiple websites/keywords at once
-Rank Tracker now supports insertion of single website with multiple keywords

-Added allinanchor result count in keyword analyzer
-Added colour to show difficulty in keyword analyzer

-Added autosave feature for bookmark, directory and article submitter
-Added auto updater
-Added copyscape checker

-Added ability to import articles to article spinner and article submitter
-Added ability to export successful profile links for bookmark and article submitter
-Added name,url,email and comment import function for commenter
-Added proxy import function for commenter,search engine/email/tweet scraper
-Added 8 web 2.0 profile links into web 2.0 automation (unable to post yet)
-Added ability to test comment before posting for commenter

-Fixed autoblogger wordpress "Invoke on non existent proxy" issue
-Removed mass visit
-Fixed dbc not updating credits for bookmark, directory and article submitter
-Added Decaptcher and Imagetyperz captcha solving support for bookmark, directory and article submitter
-Fixed email scraper thread count not updating
-Fixed issues with launching for several modules

-Minor gui improvements
-Extended beta 2 weeks
-Users with license now able to activate before trial expires

-Added Yahoo Answer Scraper
-Added Youtube Video URL and Comment Scraper
-Added Google Image Scraper
-Added Content Aggregator
-Added Hotmail Account Creator
-Added Email Verifier
-Added search engine scraping functionality to Email Scraper

-Added known issues, possible improvements menu
-Added the ability to submit captcha on Enter for directory submitter manual captcha solver

-Rank Tracker now supports,, bing and yahoo search engines
-Rank Tracker now supports multiple URL and keyword view

-PR Checker now supports result exporting
-Keyword Analyzer now supports and search engines
-Article Submitter now supports exporting successful, failed and unprocessed links
-Bookmark Submitter now supports exporting successful, failed and unprocessed links
-Directory Submitter now supports exporting successful, failed and unprocessed links

-Fixed Web 2.0 automation HResult bug (unsure, need confirmation)
-Fixed spinner issues with parsing HTML codes
-Fixed autoblogger blogger posting issue with spinning enabled
-Adjusted tab index for certain modules

-Results from Fact Finder are now exportable
-Fixed Article Submitter not spinning articles issue

-Article Scraper now able to remove scraped articles from list

-Added Submission Progress for Article and Bookmark Submitter
-Added Paragraph Spinner word count

-Bookmark Submitter now supports phpdug platform submission
-Bookmark Submitter now supports multiple profile
-Bookmark Submitter summary field now supports scrolling
-Improved Bookmark Submitter algorithm for higher success rate

-Added Paragraph Spinner
-Added Tweet Scraper
-Added RSS Submitter

-Added stop button for fact finder
-Added copy paste function for fact finder

-Spinner now supports keyword and url
-Spinner now shows word count
-Spinner now able to transfer article to submitter

-Scraper now able to transfer scraped aticle to spinner
-Scraper now able to transfer scraped articles to paragraph spinner

-Fixed Google Suggest 'exceeded limit' error
-Fixed Microsoft Access Database Engine (Sort Order) problem (unsure, need confirmation)

-Directory Submitter now supports captcha solving
-Directory Submitter now supports customizable timeout
-Improved Directory Submitter algorithm for higher success rate

-Article Submitter now supports captcha solving
-Article Submitter now supports multiple profile
-Article Submitter summary field now supports scrolling
-Improved Article Submitter algorithm for higher success rate

-Added 11 blog sites to Account Creation Project
-Added Web 2.0 Automation - Blog Publishing Project (and the ability to post to 16 platforms)
-Fixed Bulk PR Checker
-Fixed Search Engine's PR Checker
-Fixed Bookmark Submitter ArgumentOutOfRange issue
-Fixed Link Trimmer's "Error Opening File" issue
-Fixed Indexer thread count not updating issue

-Added Web 2.0 Automation - Account Creation Project
-Added Wordpress Money Site Generator
-Increased directory submitter timeout to 90s
-Fixed PR Checker trailing space bug
-Improved bookmark submitter interface

-Fixed keyword analyzer crashes
-Added directory submitter
-Added directory submitter list into database
-Added new section - Web 2.0 Automation
-Slightly improved keyword analyzer GUI

-Fixed database error for autoblogger,article submitter, article scrapper and spinner
-Fixed blogger bugs in autoblogger
-Added export links function to link checker
-Added footprint generator
-Renamed keyword research to keyword analyzer
-Autoblogger now fetches fulltext content from rss

-Fixed security issue in keyword research
-Fixed crashing in keyword research,article submitter,commenter, autofill, fact finder,EMD Checker,Link Analyzer,Link Filter,PR Checker,Rank Tracker,Blog Link Scraper,Email Scraper and Whois Scraper
-Fixed search scraper problem with proxy
-Fixed mass visit issue with not loading website
-Improved search scraper algorithm to perform faster
-Added Proxy Scraper
-Added proxy sources and footprint list into database
-Keyword research is now faster and return more accurate results
-Email Scraper now shows progression

-Added function to transfer article from scraper to spinner
-Added search engine scraper
-Improved overall usability

-Corrected spelling mistakes for several modules
-Fixed Article Submitter file not found error
-Fixed Article Submitter unable to parse link error
-Fixed AIO unable to terminate completely problem
-Added status textbox for Email Scraper
-Added "Checking" status message for rank tracker
-Improved autofill algorithm
-90% of the forms are now resizable

-Fixed mass indexer auto close
-Fixed article scrapper cancellation problem

-Added Licorne Mass Visit
-Fixed Badwords and footprints list
-Fixed 64 bit compatibility issue
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